E book evaluate: “Cash Males” – Dan McCrum


E book evaluate: “Cash Males” – Dan McCrum

Money Men

The Wirecard scandal has led to a few books already, maximum of them rather excellent. However the final ebook is in fact the only from FT reporter/investigator Dan McCrum who devoted kind of 7 years of his occupation to this and considerably contributed to without equal revelation of this “Area of Playing cards”.

As a journalist, McCrum is aware of the best way to write and by contrast to a few different books from reporters, this if truth be told reads like a ebook and now not a sequence of articles.

In comparison to different Wirecard Books, “Cash Males” comprises a large number of fascinating main points at the FT / UK facet of items plus some outright hilarious information about the Wirecard Control. He tells the tale of an organization with roots in semi-legal “prime possibility” spaces (porn and playing) that began to fudge accounts rather early on and moved aggressively in opposition to any person who dared to criticize.

There are a few highlights, for example the “on website” discuss with with the auditors to make sure Philippine Financial institution accounts, the journeys of McCrum and different FT colleagues to try subsidiaries of Wirecard and the deal the place Marsalek and Co bough an Indian corporate for 30 mn EUR and offered that 4 weeks later for over 300 mn EUR to Wirecard.

Some observations take-aways:

  • General, the Wirecard guys weren’t tremendous mastermind criminals however reasonably a bunch of thugs who effectively sailed the wave of bills for rather a while
  • For the early years, the ebook comprises some inaccuracies. For example McCrum mentions that within the 2008 episode, German Hedge fund supervisor Bosler did the unique analysis and handed it directly to SdK member Straub however actually Straub copied&pasted the analysis from an internet inventory discussion board (and in part from my posts again then).
  • Obviously, the universe of brief dealers turns out to include additionally a specific amount of “sleaziness”. McCrum for example doesn’t suppose very extremely about Fraser Perring and on the United Kingdom facet, probably the most contacts of the FT staff had been obviously “shadow figures”. I believe that used to be additionally the explanation why Wirecard’s preliminary counter assault at the FT used to be rather environment friendly, for the reason that FT staff certainly had a large number of contacts with questionable other people.
  • McCrum mentions that on the United Kingdom facet other people had been shocked that one thing like this would occur in “right kind” Germany. If truth be told, Germany is rather a fertile flooring for all more or less inventory scams and this used to be simply the biggest one. Monetary oversight and legislation in Germany obviously additionally performed a job however based totally alone revel in, German legislation isn’t higher or worse than in different international locations.
  • For traders who in the long run misplaced cash on this, there have been many indicators for the reason that Zatarra record in 2016 and the next reporting from the FT, that one thing used to be now not kosher. Blaming regulators or auditors for one’s losses is the certain approach to make the similar errors once more someday.

General, I will be able to extremely counsel the ebook, although one has learn others about Wirecard already.


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